The abstract

The student should find out from the department or ask the teacher how to do it correctly.


The abstract is a scientific work, and therefore it contains Essay Assistant structural blocks, which are executed in a strictly defined order. Each abstract begins with a title page, the design of which must comply with the requirement of the educational institution. The student should find out from the department or ask the teacher how to do it correctly.

Immediately after the title page is the table of contents. In this structural block you will need to list all the sections of the abstract, as well as indicate on what pages they are located.

The next part of the work is the introduction, it prescribes the goals and objectives, indicates the problem, the relevance of the chosen topic, the subject and the object of research. 

Then you should pay attention to the main part of the work, which is a concise, but complete presentation of the material. As a rule, this part is divided into three chapters.

Once the main part is written, the conclusions are drawn. They are located in the next structural block called the conclusion.

All materials used during the writing of the abstract should be listed in the list of references. This block is also designed according to the rules. In the first place is a list of laws, then the scientific literature, publications, websites. Also, the sources should be listed in alphabetical order. If the cover of the publication indicated several authors, they must also be listed, and in the same order.

If necessary, you can include in the work another structural block, which is called Appendix. Here can be graphs, tables, and other illustrations that are relevant to the work. These same elements can be inserted in the main part, but it is not always appropriate.

In the main part it is obligatory to have references to the appendices.

The presence of grammatical and punctuation errors in the text of the abstract is unacceptable. So you need to read your work several times and fix it all before the moment when the work will get to the teacher's check. On the Internet there are quite a few programs that check the text for errors, but after such a check should always review all of itself. Trust 100 percent in such programs is not worth it.


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